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Warping Machine

Model No.︰CH21-30DNC
Brand Name︰CH
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

CH21/30DNC Computer Control Copy Warping Machine 
Technical parameters: 
Line Speed  0~1000m/min 
Max. Tension of line  500N 
Brake Torque  1600NM 
Up and Down of Beam  Pneumatic control 
Tight and release of Beam  Pneumatic control 
Diameter of Speed Roller  120mm 
Power of Main Motor  7.5kw 
Control type of Main Motor  Converter Control 
Monitoring Way  
Immediate  monitor  by  Microcomputer 
controlled touch screen  
Control type of Positive Yarn-send Roller  3kw  AC  high-speed  servo  control  and 
active let off roller control mode 
Diameter of Positive Yarn-send Roller  100mm
Pressure of Pneumatic source  6bar 
CH21/30DNC  copy  warping  machine  is  suitable  for  Φ30”×21”and  Φ21”×21” 
Main configuration:
High-speed servo system  TECO OF TAIWAN 
Converter  EMERSON OF USA 
Test components   A  AUTONICS OF SOUTH KOREA  
Test components   B  KOYO OF JAPAN 
Pneumatic components AIRTAC OF TAIWAN 
Touch screen MCGS OF BEIJING 
Operating components SCHNEIDER OF FRANCE 
Bearings NSK OF JAPAN  Technical specification:  
◆ The special  copy function guarantees the data of every beam are the samein the same 
group,  like  the  circle  number,  meters  and  diameter.  This  function  avoids  that  the  yarn 
quantity is not unique caused by different diameters, which canreduce the waste of yarn. 
◆ The main motor is controlled by converter. The constant and reliable digital pulse close 
ring controlled by the PLC guarantees the speed of winding and storing yarn is stable. 
◆ The bracket movement of beam is controlled by pneumatic, and its position is accuracy 
controlled by photoelectric sensor and the PLC automatically, which select the different 
position according to beam's diameter. 
◆ The tail bracket is controlled by pneumatic, and the shaft adepts centre fixing shaft head. 
These two features make the damage to inner beam caused by the shift lower down to the 
◆ The main brake adepts pneumatic butterfly brake. The breakingtray with middle 
unoccupied has a nice heat-dissipated function. On the other hand, the using of break 
pincer with auto-compensation and the hoofed piece makes the butterfly brake stable and 
last a long life. 
◆ The brake of Positive roller and Speed roller can make different brake pressures 
according to different speeds (more than 200 m/min). These different pressures, together 
with the main beam break, guarantees the yarn tension in the breaking time is the same as 
the tension under the constant speed.  
◆ The electric parts adept the programmable controller of CP1H seriesof OMRON and 7” 
MCGS touch screen of Beijing. All the electrical troubles and wrong operation 
information are displayed on the screen, in which the Chinese language and English 
language can be exchanged according to different requirement. The pneumatic part, Aortic, 
is made in Taiwan. Their soft air media finishes all the activities required by mechanical 
parts according to correct orders from the PLC. 
◆ The Positive roller is covered by high-hardness coating, so the smoother surface 
improves the absorption to the yarn. The AC high-speed servo system provides a power to 
the above roller, matching with the PLC, both of which service for the main winding 
system, to make sure the tension of yarn unique constantly.  
◆ Remote debugging can monitor the current working state and fault condition. 

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